Bachelor Party Girls

Ring In The New You With A Vegas Stripper Party

Bachelor Party

It's all over. You're a free man. You're a new man. You no longer have the bitch weighing you down like a mafia-hit cinder block pulling you down to the bottom of the lake. She syphoned off of your credit card, she used your connections to elevate her work career, and then you decide to pop into work to surprise her, because she has been working so hard after hours almost every day, only to find her business partner plowing deep into her back side. You're not sure what was worse. Walking in on her cheating on you or the fact that she never let you do that to her. Whatever. Screw her. It's her loss and you are a new man from it. A better man. A man who no longer has all of those attachments, and now that the divorce is finalized, you are free to do whatever you want, whenever you want it. What better way to celebrate your new found freedom than hitting up the Las Vegas strip clubs and taking in the intoxicating aroma of Las Vegas strippers

That Intoxicating Smell

What is that stripper aroma, anyways? You ever notice there is some perfume, or some spray, or something that all classy strippers seem to smell like? No, it's probably not Chanel No. 5. Whatever it is, they must have an industrial power washer full of the stuff in the back room, spraying the girls down before they hit the floor. Of course, it doesn't really matter if it is just a few squirts to to the neck and wrists or if they prison riot fire hose the shit out of them as part of their delousing method. What matters is their smell is intoxicating, invigorator and even enlightening. It reminds you of an earlier you. A time you were free to do whatever you wanted, and now, it welcomes you back.

Vegas StrippersThe Beauty of Las Vegas Strippers

To anoint your return to freedom and bachelorhood, what better way to do it than to hit up Las Vegas. After all, you just dealt with the worst, so you might as well treat yourself with the best, and when it comes to strippers, there is nothing better than the Las Vegas nightlife. The girls here are out of this world, and there is just something about a Vegas stripper lap dance that is enough to bring you out of any kind of funk you might be in after the divorce and warm you up to the notion of being single again and being on your own. After all, you could probably get use to feeling perfect tits and having juicy asses pumping up and down across your face. Sure better than whatever your ex use to have. National Geographic wouldn't even take her as a centerfold because her body was too natural. Maybe a cartographer catalog would have featured her because her body had so much land to cover.

Whatever, it is time to put her out of your mind and to really let the party get started. Whether you come with your buddies or you just feel like dropping everything and flying out to Vegas on your own, it is going to be the welcome back and coming out party you have been looking for for some time. There is no more holding back and you finally are going to be able to enjoy life again. It has probably been a long time since you've truly been able to let loose and have fun. So, why not have fun in the strip clubs Las Vegas is known for. After all, the girls here are second to none and they are going to blow away any sort of strippers where you are from.

Vegas is all about ringing in a new you and having the time of your life. Going through a divorce is never fun. In fact, it can be downright horrible. It does mark an end to a point in your life you may or may not regret. That doesn't mean you can't begin the new chapter of your life with a bang, a rumbling bass boom, some neon lights and a fantastic set of tits. So, what do you say? Your marriage is over and the divorce is finalized, but it is time to open up and to welcome the new you to the world with a baptism by boobs.


The Best Vegas Strippers

las vegas in room stripperIf you want to have some fun in Las Vegas, you want to make sure that you do some of the things that Sin City is known for. Las Vegas strippers are some of the hottest and most exciting girls you will ever meet. They have gorgeous bodies and know how to turn up the heat on stage and off. Whether you go to one of the A-list clubs on the strip or anywhere off the strip, there are some tips you need to know to enjoy yourself just a little bit more.

Follow The Cues

All of the strip clubs have rules and all of the dancers know what they are. They will have cues as to what you can and cannot touch and what you can and cannot get away with. Some girls are going to be flirty or than others, and this should be taken as a strong clue as to what they want. You can also watch security to see how lenient they are. Some may give you a little nod or wink to let you know which girls are going to show you a better time than others.

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